Wedding Water Bottle Labels

Looking for a unique, personalized wedding reception favor?

Wedding water bottles with custom wedding water bottle labels are an excellent wedding reception favor. Wedding water bottles serve a dual function—allowing your guests to hydrate themselves after working up a sweat on the dance floor (who can resist the Cupid Shuffle?) and also providing them with a fun memento of the happy couple. If you’re planning a wedding, contact Water Boy today for wedding water bottle labels!

Customize your wedding water bottles.

First, you’ll need to choose between distilled bottled water and spring bottled water for your wedding water bottles. Distilled water goes through a purification (distillation) process and is free of all minerals and contaminants. Spring water, on the other hand, comes from a spring or natural underground source and contains a healthy amount of minerals and nutrients.

Once you have decided between distilled and spring wedding water bottle labels, next comes the fun part of designing your custom wedding water bottle label. Your design options can include:

  • Initials – A popular option for wedding water bottle labels, you can incorporate the couple’s initials in a design that matches the wedding theme.
  • Photos – How often does your photo get to be printed on a water bottle label? Make your wedding day extra special with a portrait of the bride or groom printed on a custom water label.
  • Text – Keep your wedding water bottle label simple with printed text of your choosing. Some ideas include the couple’s names and the wedding date, a line from the couple’s song, a message to the wedding guests, a bible verse, etc.
  • And more! – You can add backgrounds, borders, multiple images, or anything else to your custom wedding water bottle label to make it your own and accommodate your theme.

Why choose Water Boy for wedding water bottle labels?

Wedding water bottles with custom labels offer you a great option for personalizing an otherwise generic item at your wedding. Wedding water bottle labels are particularly an ideal favor for outdoor weddings, particularly in the hot, Tampa, FL area!

At Water Boy, we strive to ensure your complete satisfaction with our bottled water service. Planning a wedding can be stressful, but choosing Water Boy for your wedding bottle labels ensures that your guests get great tasting water (whether it be spring bottled water or distilled bottled water) on your special day.  In business since 1938, Water Boy is the largest locally owned and operated bottled water delivery company in Florida. You won’t find a better, more reliable bottled water company anywhere in Florida!

And while delivering great tasting water to our customers is our number one priority, we also take pride in our great looking water bottle labels. You can trust us to bring your design vision to life in a fun, personalized wedding water bottle label that your guests will appreciate.

Food and drink presentation are such an integral part of the wedding planning process! Don’t overlook this small, but important detail for your special day! Contact Water Boy for wedding water bottle labels today. We’ll help you bring your wedding bottle design to life, or help you design the perfect label to suit your Florida wedding.

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