What’s the Difference Between Tap Water and Bottled Water?

Posted on: August 4th, 2010

Many people do not know how bottled water and tap water are different…especially when advertisements, organizations and the media report contradictory opinions about whether it is better to drink bottled water or tap water.  We’re here to set the water facts straight by answering a few of the most common questions we get from Florida (FL) residents about bottled water and let you know why drinking bottled water is better than drinking tap water.

1) Don’t bottled water companies just bottle the city’s tap water, so it is essentially the same?

Reports state 25% of the US’s bottled water comes from municipal tap water. It’s technically true, but it ignores the primary benefit of buying bottled water – receiving pure water. Municipal tap water is pumped from a ground source and mixed with chemicals like chlorine and fluoride to make the water drinkable. However, certain carcinogenic substances are usually not filtered out of the tap water and residue from heavy metals like copper can mix into the tap water on its trip through the plumbing system into your home.

Meanwhile, bottled water uses modern purification technology such as reverse osmosis to eliminate any chemicals or contaminants found in the water. Some bottled water companies do get their water from the same ground source as the city, but then purify the water before putting it into single-serve water bottles or 3 & 5 gallon water bottles, so customers always get clean, safe drinking water delivered straight to the home or office.

2) Does it matter if bottled water is treated with chemicals or run through a real purification process, such as reverse osmosis?

The answer is simply, yes. Bottled water tastes better than tap water because bottled water is not treated with chemicals and removes all other residue. When you drink bottled water, there is no chemical aftertaste from the chlorine and no cloudy-looking effect that you might see in tap water. Most importantly, when you drink bottled water, you will always get 100% pure water – no chemicals or contaminants – just purified water!

Bottled water research shows that drinking tap water instead of bottled water could negatively impact your health. The President’s Cancer Panel, a group within the Department of Health and Human Services who gives an annual report on cancer awareness, warns that tap water can contain “arsenic, chromium, and chemical byproducts that form when water is disinfected” and recommends always putting tap water through a water filter before drinking it. However, to get the most purified water, bottled water is the best method to receiving the cleanest and safest drinking water.

Drinking bottled water is beneficial to prevent unwanted chemicals and contaminants from entering your body. At Waterboy, we promise all of our Florida (FL) customers 100% purified water. If you don’t get your water from a bottled water company, you may be getting more than just water.

If you live in Florida (FL) and are interested in ordering purified water for your home or office, contact WaterBoy today! Do not risk drinking contaminated tap water – schedule a home water delivery or office water delivery and get our single serve cases of purified water or our 3 & 5 gallon water jugs to be sure you will always get what you want –  safe drinking water!

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