Ideas for Custom Labeled Water Bottles

Posted on: March 28th, 2017

Custom water bottle labels are an awesome, effective way to improve brand recognition or to add a fun and creative burst of color to events. But is just slapping a name on your custom water bottles in Florida enough? The experts at Water Boy, Inc. would say probably not.

Custom labels are your opportunity to add creativity to your bottles. And since these will be a way to recognize your brand name, or as a feature of an important event, you want them to reflect what you’re going for. A boring bottle is going to make others feel like you are a dull business or throwing a lame event. So, what can you do to make your water bottle labels pop?

Some Smart Ideas for Custom Water Bottle Labeling

There are three important things to consider for a custom label: color, design, and font.

  • Color. The color should be defined, clear, and incorporated effectively into the design as a whole. You can use the signature logo of your company, as many do, but if your logo is complex or very “busy” you might elect for a simpler, more readable option. The goal is for the label to be clear and easily recognized!
  • Font. This is arguably the most important part of the design because it has to strike a very important balance. Your font needs to be clearly readable and eye-catching. Balancing these isn’t always easy. If you go too boring then the label goes unnoticed, but if the font is obscure, then your label is just as easily put out of mind. The Serif and Script font types are quite popular, and they tend to be both easy to read and interesting.
  • Design. If your logo fulfills the other two criteria well, then your choice is an easy one. Otherwise, or if you’re going for something original, then be sure that your design cohesively uses color and font in order to create a brilliant, easy, and memorable design.

Water Bottle Labeling Services in Tampa, FL

Water Boy Inc. takes the trouble and difficulty out of getting the most out of your custom labels. Our labeling services can ensure you get a perfect design every time, and gain a custom bottle that is guaranteed to be a hit. Contact us online to learn more about our labeling service, or to schedule your water bottle delivery in Florida!


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