Why You Need to Stock Up on Water During Hurricane Seasone

The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th and peaks from early August until the end of October. When living in Florida, hurricanes are something you and your family should always be prepared for.

In a serious weather event, you may not have access to clean drinking water from your sink. This puts your family at serious risk. Before the next tropical storm hits, make sure you are prepared by stocking up on water early.

Why Bottled Water Is Critical During Hurricane Season

When a hurricane takes out power and services in your community, your basic necessities are compromised and you can no longer guarantee that your tap water is safe. Having bottled water available for drinking, cooking, and personal hygiene is critical. Because a hurricane can take out services across a large geographic area and flooding can make restoring services difficult, the Red Cross recommends storing at least two weeks worth of water for an emergency, like a hurricane.

Tips for Storing Bottled Water During Hurricane Season

As you stock up on bottled water to prepare your family for the next tropical storm, keep these storage tips in mind:

  • Store the bottled water at room temperature.
  • Avoid storing your water near solvents, chemicals, or in direct sunlight.
  • Replace or rotate through your stored water every 6 months.

While you can use tap water to build your water supply, this requires you to sterilize the containers and ensure they are air tight. It’s easier and safer to schedule home water delivery rather than trying to store tap water.

Contact Water Boy for Bottled Water Delivery in Tampa, FL

During hurricane season in Florida, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Make sure your family always has water available in case a hurricane unexpectedly hits.

Contact Water Boy online today or call us now at 800-799-5684 to ensure your home is prepared for whatever weather comes your way.

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