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Do you prefer drinking distilled water to tap or spring water? If so, look no further than to Water Boy for all your distilled water needs! As one of Florida’s leading bottled water delivery companies, we deliver a variety of different types of bottled water to both homes and offices – including distilled water. If you’re interested in distilled water delivery in Florida, contact Water Boy today.

What is Distilled Water?

Some people think distilled water is what you put into your iron (which is actually true – it’s great for that since it prevents mineral build-up inside your iron). Others think of the absolute purity of the water – free from minerals and other contaminants. And finally, many associate distilled water with water that is clean and safe from a bacteriological standpoint – because all the water has been boiled. Distilled water is perfect for all your drinking, cooking, and ironing needs!

Distilled water has gone through a purification process aptly called distillation. Distillation entails boiling the water to produce vapor. Essentially, we boil the water out of its contaminants. Once the water entirely vaporizes, that vapor is put into a clean container where it condenses back into pure water.  Almost all the contaminants found in water have a higher boiling point than H20 – so as the water boils and evaporates (at 212 degrees Fahrenheit) – the contaminants are left harmlessly behind.  The vapor is just pure water.

Health Benefits of Distilled Water

You’ll enjoy a nice clean and crisp taste when you drink distilled water.  Distillation can actually be used to create drinking water out of seawater (as they do in the Middle East), but the process can be used to make pure water out of any water source, be it river water, lake water, salt water, or waste water.

In addition to the normal health benefits of drinking water (even better if it’s more than eight glasses a day!), distilled water is one of the purest types of water you will find.  Many pollutants find their way into our drinking water, but drinking distilled water ensures that you are drinking water free of bacteria, pesticides, acid, and chlorine.

Uses of Distilled Water

In coastal regions where freshwater may not be as plentiful, distilled seawater is frequently used as drinking water, but the uses of distilled water extend beyond just drinking.

Everyday applications – Distilled water is often favored for use in steam irons for pressing clothing since it can increase the iron’s durability by reducing iron build-up.  It is also preferred for use in vehicle cooling systems – the minerals and ions in tap water can corrode the internal engine parts. Distilled water can be used to top off your car lead acid battery, and if you use a humidifier, it is better to use distilled water, since the minerals in tap water will diminish the humidifier’s effectiveness.

Cleaning – Distilled water can also be used as a good cleaning product for wiping down the screen of your computer monitor or flat screen television. You don’t want to leave marks on your nice Plasma TV, and distilled water can clean it perfectly without leaving a trace! Using tap water will leave white marks because of the dissolved salt in it.

Cooking – The kitchen may be the place where distilled water is most often used. It is used in cooking to improve the taste of many different kinds of food.  Enhancing the natural flavor of certain foods, distilled water makes the taste of your favorite spices and herbs more explicit in soups, pasta dishes, and more.

If you cook veggies in distilled water, they tend to be less discolored and taste better. You can also be assured they will not come into contact with any contaminants. Noodles, when cooked in distilled water, will absorb more water and not stick together as much. Texture and taste are both improved – keep that in mind the next time you are making a pasta dish!

Distilled water also acts as an excellent preserver. Due to the clean, pure water, sealing containers is easier and the chance of spoilage is reduced. Canned vegetables and fruit not only keep their color better but also tend not to lose their flavor.

Schedule Distilled Water Delivery in Florida

Whether you need to iron your shirt, cook spaghetti, or want to drink the purest water there is, distilled water offers many benefits. If you want bottled distilled water delivered to your Florida home or office and are looking for a bottled water delivery company, fill out the form to the right or call Water Boy today!

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